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Over 650 Flu Shots administered and $55,000 + in donations in our first 2 years.


Make a Donation. Make a Difference.

Our Mission

The Corporation’s mission shall be to educate the general public on the benefits of receiving an annual flu vaccine, dispel the myths inhibiting the receipt of an annual flu vaccine, facilitate the receipt of annual flu vaccinations through charitable means, and provide charitable relief to the families, especially minor children, of persons who have passed away from flu related illnesses.

From the Founder of Shots for Holly

On Friday, January 17, 2014 at 6:00pm, my friend and long-time business associate, Holly, succumbed to the flu virus in Spring, TX. She was 41 years old. Holly left behind a loving husband and two young daughters. What exactly is the flu? It never ceases to amaze me how many people assume they have “the flu” when they are sick with fever, sniffles, coughing, and aching bones. Only a doctor and a flu test can confirm the flu! It became clear to me, and several of my closest friends, that only through more education will we be able to help people that are misinformed.

We discussed the need for a platform to educate people on the dangers of the flu, and promote the flu vaccine. In a matter of days, these words were heard as excuses to not have a flu shot, “There’s mercury in the shot.” “The vaccine is live.” “The shot made me sick.” “I’m allergic to eggs,” “I never get sick,” “I hate shots,” and here’s the best excuse of all, “I don’t need one because I’m not an infant, and I’m not elderly.” Times have changed! To eliminate any disease, including bacterial and viral infections, we must be educated in the dangers of that illness and how to prevent it. Within 5 days of Holly’s death, “Shots for Holly” was born. On that evening during dinner, a Board of Directors was developed. Two days later, the board met with an attorney to discuss 501c status for the organization. The following day, 2 more potential officers were added and the first fundraiser was held to seed the bank account. The goals are simple and the mission statement is concise.

Shots for Holly exists to educate the public on the dangers of the flu, pay for flu shots, transport people to locations offering flu shots, and to show how easy, and fun, getting the flu shot can be. I’ve never done this before, but with the help of friends that have worked in the non-profit arena, I believe we’ll be a great success and honor the memory of our friend, Holly! Please help our organization beat this beast of the flu, One Shot at a Time!

Help us Beat the Beast known as the Flu
One Shot at a Time!